Job Openings at WCNS


Date: Apr 23, 2022
Location: Watertown, Massachusetts, United States

School Overview:

Watertown Cooperative Nursery School (WCNS) is a non-profit, non-sectarian preschool for 2.9 to 5 year olds that has served Watertown and neighboring communities for over 68 years. The school is dedicated to making families an integral part of their children’s preschool experience and providing a safe, nurturing, and inclusive mixed-age environment that balances self-directed learning with whole group experiences. As a cooperative school, families take turns assisting teachers in the classroom and assume positions on the Board of Directors. This approach allows families and teachers to work together and support each other. The result is a diverse and cohesive community in which everyone’s perspectives and feelings are known and valued.


Position Description:

The Director coordinates WCNS’s educational program and supports the cooperative culture of the school under the direction of the Board. The Director leads the teaching and administrative staff and ensures successful implementation of all aspects of the school’s programs and activities. The Director works to foster strong relationships among members of WCNS’s network of students, teachers, Board members, and current and alumni families.



I. Educational

Lead the development and implementation of a dynamic curriculum that reflects WCNS’s values, including fostering children’s curiosity and independence through play-based learning and deep parent/caregiver involvement.

  1. Create and implement varied and adaptive themes and activities
  2. Communicate curriculum to families and support their involvement in the classroom
  3. Hire, manage, support, and evaluate teachers
  4. Ensure classroom and resources support student learning

II. Management and Leadership

Foster WCNS’s cooperative culture and support strong relationships in the school community

  1. Establish clear and open communication with staff and families
  2. Be responsive, resourceful and adaptive to the changing needs of the school and families
  3. Ensure that the school is inclusive, equitable, and reflective of the diversity of the community it serves
  4. Meet regularly with staff, co-presidents and the Board
  5. Coordinate with the Board on events and initiatives that support the school community

III. Financial

In partnership with the Co-Presidents, ensure the financial viability and sustainability of the organization with sound fiscal planning, oversight, and acquisition of funding

  1. Work with the Operations Manager and the Board to prepare and manage the annual budget
  2. Work with the Operations Manager and treasurers to prepare financial analyses and reports for theBoard and outside entities
  3. Work with the Operations Manager to advise the Board and support the Fundraising Committee inits efforts to expand WCNS’s financial resources
  4. Assist Board members to build and nurture relationships with existing and new donors, and to identify and pursue additional individual, business, and foundation and grant funding sources

IV. Operational

Manage and coordinate key functions to ensure the safety, stability, and sustainability of the school and its programs.

  1. Collaborate directly with the Board and Operations Manager on all program needs, policies and procedures, and strategic planning
  2. Directly collaborate with state regulators to ensure compliance
  3. Oversee and approve all purchases and contractual arrangements and agreements with agencies, firms, and individuals external to the organization, with Board approval as required
  4. Keep informed and knowledgeable of all regulations affecting the organization’s operations
  5. Oversee all functions of physical plant, including classrooms, playgrounds, driveway, and property
  6. Plan building modifications and future improvements in collaboration with the Operations Manager and with the Board
  7. Assure compliance with local, state, NAEYC, and Child Care Licensing regulations and assure that school insurance policies are up to date for all school facilities
  8. Work with the Operations Manager to ensure smooth operation of the school including enrollment planning and management, family communication, and emergency planning and responses (including but not limited to COVID)



This position demands energy and enthusiasm to help WCNS grow and thrive. At the same time, it requires mature judgment and integrity to guide families through this important developmental phase in their children’s lives. Ideal candidates will demonstrate:

  • ✔  Adaptability & Resourcefulness: Be flexible and decisive in a changing environment while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency. Be willing to work outside of school hours when necessary.
  • ✔  Relationship-building: Establish and maintain positive working relationships with others, including with the students, teachers, families, and Board.
  • ✔  StrongCommunication & Messaging: Speak, listen, and write in a clear, thorough, and timely manner using appropriate and efficient communication tools and techniques. Articulate WCNS’s unique culture, mission and curriculum.
  • ✔  Creativity/Innovation: Develop efficient and creative ways to execute the WCNS’s curriculum and operations. Identify opportunities to improve the school’s program and initiatives.
  • ✔  Vision: With support from the Board, determine strategies to move WCNS forward. Set goals and implement action plans. Evaluate processes and results.
  • ✔  Care and Community-building: Foster a diverse, just, and equitable working and learning environment.


Qualifications and Experience:


✔ Classroom experience
✔ Management experience
✔ EEC Director I certification
✔ ValidMassachusettsCriminalHistoryRecordsCheck
✔ COVID vaccination required



✔ Bachelor’s Degree in Education or related field
✔ Proficiency with school andf inancial management software



✔ This is a full-time position.
✔ Salary range is $53,000-60,000 per year depending one experience.
✔ The Director reports to the Co-Presidents of the WCNS Board.


To Apply:

Please send a resume and one page cover letter to by May 6th. The position is open until a suitable candidate is found. This position could start in mid-June.

WCNS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.