In our curriculum, we draw on children’s emerging interests, encouraging their curiosity.

Children enjoy the creative process and hands-on materials, while learning problem-solving skills. Themes and explorations depend on the interests of the children, but favorite past themes have included machines, book-making, and the human body. In addition, handwriting is introduced to children who are ready and interested using the Handwriting Without Tears method.

Our ongoing focus is on developing a relationship with each child and encouraging their capability to:

  • Engage in a variety of creative activities using different media
  • Form meaningful relationships with peers and maintain a friendship even after a disagreement
  • Cooperate and collaborate with others to accomplish group goals
  • Initiate new ideas and invent solutions to problems
  • Accept responsibility for their own actions and behaviors
  • Participate independently in clean up and care for the classroom environment
  • Recover quickly from a disappointment or change in plans
  • Be inquisitive and ask questions to gain more information
  • Engage in the give and take of conversations with adults and peers, communicating ideas effectively, listening to others, and valuing different perspectives
  • Stick with difficult tasks or be willing to come back later to work them through
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